Just Say No! …to the Munchkins

I promised to provide some simple, healthy breakfast ideas in the Back to Basics post and this morning presents the perfect opportunity. I walked into work to piles of Munchkins and a stack of chocolate chip cookies. I had a munchkin! I’ll admit it! I knew that it was going to get out of control […]

Back to Basics Part 2: Comfort Foods

My week back to basics finished with a relaxing weekend at my parents house in Westford. Sometimes you just need to go back to your roots to rejuvenate.  Catching up on sleep, going for a good run in the fresh (cold!) country air, and eating comfort food made this the perfect weekend. Admittedly, what I […]

Back to basics

I knew I couldn’t get away with it for long. I was grabbing a Dunkin Donuts bagel with cream cheese for breakfast to eat on the T, stealing treats from the office break room as snacks, buying lunch out downtown. Nope. My poor stomach, which happens to be sensitive anyway, finally revolted and here I […]

Home Cookin’ at Maine Huts and Trails and the Truth about Chicken Nuggets

[polldaddy poll=4719686]Just got back from an amazing weekend cross-country skiing and hiking in Maine. I highly recommend checking out Maine Huts and Trails. The huts are warm (radiant heated floors!) and run by incredibly passionate, friendly people. The entire place operates on one of the most energy efficient systems available today making it not only […]

Strawberries in March?

Strawberries in March? Sure, but they will probably be jet-lagged from the thousands of miles they had to travel to your plate. And unfortunately, those strawberries have lost flavor and nutrition while leaving a trail of pollution along the way. Eating local in March in New England is a daunting task, one that truly tests […]