A Look at USDA’s MyPlate

Eat Simply is all about simple nutrition. Simple foods, simple ingredients, and uncomplicated nutrition information. Finally, there is a national model that embodies this philosophy too: MyPlate.  Have you seen USDA’s newest food guide yet? There are several things that I like about this food guide. First, the USDA got it right with the fruit […]

Organic Beef

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a chart that assessed the carbon footprint left by certain foods. That post really seemed to strike a chord with folks. Particularly, because animal-based protein sources generally had the largest carbon footprint, leaving people feeling frustrated. So, let’s take a closer look at an American-favorite that came in […]

What to Eat on the Road

I was recently asked this question: what foods do you choose when you are on the road (doing errands, commuting, etc.) and are starving?  My answer might surprise you, or even annoy you, but it also just might change you life: Do not leave home without healthy food. This is where I usually get an […]

Tired of lettuce-based salads?

There is a whole wide world of salads out there so why not experiment?! This is the pep-talk I gave myself yesterday as I embarked on my first wheat berry based salad. Yes, this recipe requires a bit of motivation and forethought because wheat berries take some time to prep, and there is vegetable grating […]