Recipe Redux: Salt and Vinegar Pumpkin Seeds

I am a BIG fan of salt and vinegar chips. Yeah I said it. I can take or leave a piece of chocolate, and ice cream really doesn’t do it for me, but chips and I get along just fine. That is, until I read the ingredients. Since we (me) are divulging secrets here, I […]

When life gives you (a lot of) apples, make applesauce!

Anyone else have a bushel of apples that they don’t know what to do with? Apple pie is great and all but I like to have a healthier option as well. Last year, I finally perfected an applesauce recipe that is about as easy as opening a jar from the store. The difference is this […]

Shepard’s Pie: A Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipe

Shepard’s Pie with Organic Beef Recipe- adapted from: All Recipes This is a healthy take on a classic comfort food that is traditionally made with lamb. For this recipe I used organic lean ground beef provided by Rocky Mountain Organic Meats. This company’s philosophy about raising cattle is one that I can feel good about: Raised the […]