Welcome to Eat Simply. I am so glad to have you here! I’m Ayla Withee, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and natural health expert.

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About Eat Simply

Eat Simply was created out of my desire to share science-based nutrition knowledge, my favorite real-food recipes (and stories about my kitchen mishaps), real tips and strategies to help navigate a processed-food world, and at times to vent a little about crazy diet fads or the food industry.  The name “Eat Simply” embodies my nutrition philosophy which is preparing and eating simple, whole foods.

If you have been around since the beginning, experienced all of the design changes and ramblings, I thank you :)

About Me


Professional Bio:

Ayla Withee, MS, RDN, LDN is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, and Certified Leap Therapist, and owner of a successful private practice, Boston Functional Nutrition. She has trained for years with experts in the field of functional medicine and embraces a whole body approach to addressing the root causes of health issues. Her specialties include women’s health, gastrointestinal disorders, and nutrigenomics. She uses unique mind-body strategies to help those with picky palates discover new, delicious ways to enjoy nutritious food, and designs individualized strategies to help restore balance for long term health.

Often sought after for her passion and expertise for various media and speaking opportunities, Ayla has consulted with a wide range of organizations and health professionals from Fortune 500 companies to Olympic Athletes. She is also a preceptor for several dietetic internship programs.
You can find Ayla blogging about real food at EatSimply.org or learn more about her practice at BostonFunctionalNutrition.com.

Personal Bio:

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Massachusetts and live just outside of Boston with my husband, Hoagie (our quirky cat), and soon we will also be welcoming a baby boy to the family (April 2016)!

Hoagie was adopted in Philadelphia where the “subs” are called “hoagies” and for whatever reason (perhaps because I tend to run with food-themed pet names), that connection got this cow-cat his name.

I was introduced to nutritional sciences in a freshman course in college, where I learned how our bodies process what we eat and the impact that has on every aspect of our health.  From that point on there was nothing that I wanted to study more and I continue to advance my knowledge with this evolving field. Since that first nutrition course, I’ve completed a BS in dietetics and a dietetic internship through the University of Connecticut, a MS in Health IMG_0894Communication from Boston University, and training in both integrative and functional medicine and culinary nutrition. I believe strongly in the healing power of food, good science and being wary of anecdotal advice, books or diet plans that make big claims. No two people are the same and nutrition plans should be customized to meet your individual needs. More on this under Work with Me. I hope you’ll check it out and get in touch.


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