Sweet Potato Hummus


I’ve tried a lot of different types of hummus. Store-bought varieties and homemade in all sorts of flavors. I’ve found that the texture and flavor can vary significantly between brands and there are many that contain extra ingredients that I would prefer not be in there such as preservatives. Others, use lower quality oils like […]

Easy Veggie Nuggets

easy veggie nuggets

Back to school is around the corner! And with that, the Recipe Redux team is whipping up tasty, healthy bites and bars for this month’s theme. The goal is to create a bar or bite that is lunchbox-ready. To me, that means kid-friendly finger-food and nuggets definitely fit the bill. I’m not a huge fan […]

Cranberry-Orange Pecan Muffins (with spelt flour)


This recipe uses all clean ingredients including sprouted spelt flour and fresh cranberries. You could cut back on the sugar a bit and still balance the tartness of the cranberries. These came out sweet, tangy, and light, making them a nice snack or breakfast muffin. Spelt flour is the new whole-wheat flour in my book. […]

150-300 Calorie Snack Ideas

Evidence suggests that snacking is inversely related to body weight and may promote a healthier diet. The trick is choosing snacks wisely. This almost always means taking something which you have planned to eat and prepared at home with you on the road. If you wait until you are hungry and set out to find […]

Brown Rice Crispy Treat Recipe

Let me count the ways in which I love this recipe: 1. It is EASY. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare. Even the kids can make this one. 2. It is a healthier alternative to the famous Rice Krispy Treat. These healthier treats have a remarkably similar taste but use more wholesome ingredients like […]

Heartburn Help plus a BIG giveaway!

Do you ever suffer from heartburn? It is something that can range from a mild burning in your chest or throat to a horribly uncomfortable “flame” shooting up your throat, feeling like food is “stuck” in your chest, sore throat or nausea. Some of the things that contribute to acid reflux include alcohol, Hiatal hernia (a […]

Quick Veggie Dip Recipe

I’ve got a yummy, super-quick veggie dip to share! This dip is a healthy alternative to high fat french onion dips available on the market. It is loaded with calcium and protein so it is actually a smart choice to have with cut vegetables. Please excuse the picture though as I only had about 30 […]