Kale: One Easy Way to Add More Superfoods to Your Diet

Adding more this in-season vegetable to your diet by stirring it into soups, salads, or smoothies. For locavores, it’s the most wonderful time of year: farmers market season! And, we are in for a good one, thanks to the mild winter here in Boston. Most markets start mid- to late June in Massachusetts, but some […]

The Health Benefits of Spices You Never Knew About

Why should you be making the most of your spice cabinet? Flavor and incredible health benefits, that’s why. When you think about antioxidants, what comes to mind? Probably the typical dark, juicy fruits like blueberries and pomegranates, right? You’re on the right track, but what you might not know is that spices — yes, as […]

The Right and Wrong Way to Detox

Spring is in the air here in Boston and many people are feeling the urge to do some spring cleaning — and I don’t mean the house. More and more, people are trying out detox diets, which promise to clean the body of “toxins” and “poisons,” with the big added bonus of weight loss. I […]

What I Eat: Around the World in 25 Diets

Have you ever wondered how the American diet, or specifically, your own diet, compares to the diets of people around the world? Maybe you have traveled to other countries and noted the differences in how and what people eat. Or you’re like me, facing an endless barrage about why the American diet is wrong while others cultures […]

How to Read a Nutrition Label in 4 Steps

A new Nielsen report looking at healthy eating trends from around the world recently revealed that six out of 10 people find nutrition labels confusing. Tellingly, it also showed that 56 percent of the 25,000 who were surveyed describe themselves as overweight. North America topped every other region of the world — 56 countries total — with […]

Boston Magazine: How to Take Your New Year’s Resolutions to the Next Level

Dutch researchers asked 585 participants to pick between four snacks: an apple, a banana, a candy bar and a molasses waffle. About half of the participants indicated that they would choose the apple or banana. But, when presented with the actual snacks a week later, less than ¼ of people actually picked the fruit. And […]

{Boston Magazine} For Calorie Control, The Eyes Have it

A little while ago, Coca-Cola launched a new look for its traditional, sugar-laden beverage that did not sit well with consumers. The “Arctic Home” cans featured the brand’s iconic, holiday polar bears on top of a white background, instead of the usual red one, designed as part of an initiative with the World Wildlife fund to help […]