150-300 Calorie Snack Ideas

Evidence suggests that snacking is inversely related to body weight and may promote a healthier diet. The trick is choosing snacks wisely. This almost always means taking something which you have planned to eat and prepared at home with you on the road. If you wait until you are hungry and set out to find […]

15 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Don’t worry, no one is taking away the pizza and beer — unless, of course, you’re open to the idea. All right, so I know that some people consider Super Bowl Sunday foods sacred, and that you are truly looking forward to indulging this weekend on whatever ritual pizza/beer/chips/etc. is your tradition. In my experience, […]

What to Eat on the Road

I was recently asked this question: what foods do you choose when you are on the road (doing errands, commuting, etc.) and are starving?  My answer might surprise you, or even annoy you, but it also just might change you life: Do not leave home without healthy food. This is where I usually get an […]