Have High Cholesterol? Here’s What to Do About It

Simple dietary fixes can help lower high cholesterol. Everyone from your doctor to your mother to those ubiquitous Cheerios commercials has probably warned you about the dangers of high cholesterol. The phrase gets thrown around all the time, but how many of us actually know exactly what high cholesterol is? You may be surprised to […]

Reboot this Fall: A Nutrition Checklist

September often reminds us of the first days of school and the excitement of new notebooks, clothes, classrooms, and possibility. For some of you, it may still mean all of those things for either you or your kids. No matter what, it is a time to reboot, and leave lazy summer days behind.  So, there […]

Everything in moderation (except for Five Guys)

I am a big fan of the saying, “Everything in moderation, including moderation” because after all, nobody is perfect and indulging from time to time is one of the joys of life. I am reconsidering the “everything” piece of that saying though as I see more and more Five Guys fast food restaurants popping up, […]