How to Keep Nutrients in Your Food

You can buy all the healthy food you want, but if you prepare it wrong, you lose all the nutrients. Air, light, water, acid, alkali, heat, time, and enzymes can all make fruit and vegetables lose nutrients. But all of these things can either be minimized or accelerated depending on how long the food took […]

The Health Benefits of Spices You Never Knew About

Why should you be making the most of your spice cabinet? Flavor and incredible health benefits, that’s why. When you think about antioxidants, what comes to mind? Probably the typical dark, juicy fruits like blueberries and pomegranates, right? You’re on the right track, but what you might not know is that spices — yes, as […]

The Right and Wrong Way to Detox

Spring is in the air here in Boston and many people are feeling the urge to do some spring cleaning — and I don’t mean the house. More and more, people are trying out detox diets, which promise to clean the body of “toxins” and “poisons,” with the big added bonus of weight loss. I […]

{Boston Magazine} For Calorie Control, The Eyes Have it

A little while ago, Coca-Cola launched a new look for its traditional, sugar-laden beverage that did not sit well with consumers. The “Arctic Home” cans featured the brand’s iconic, holiday polar bears on top of a white background, instead of the usual red one, designed as part of an initiative with the World Wildlife fund to help […]